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Today is my last day of being 24 and since I have not updated here this past year I wanted to do a recap to show you what a ride it’s been.

When I was 24,

I started working full time at Elemental LED

and hosted many a DIY competition.

I spent eight weekends and a few week days learning at BAVC.

I ate,

I hiked,

and walked this guy.

I tried out improv,

straight bangs,

and got my first pair of reading glasses.

I light painted

and crashed many photo booths.

I did my nails

which showed up on Refinery 29!

I made amazing, wonderful, creative and passionate new friends.

And caught up and reconnected with oldie but goodie friends.

I met many people I have admired and respected for so long.

From Left to Right / Top to Bottom: Nirvan Mullick, Tiffany Shlain, Kina Grannis, Gretchen Rubin, Austin Kleon & Jill Bliss.

I visited the headquarters of two titans of social media,

went to LA a few times,

and a couple faires.

I celebrated many a birthday,

two graduations,

and a 25th anniversary.

I surfed for the first time.

And swam with my favorite animal – honu.

I played at Caine’s Arcade,

road shot gun in the Pizza Planet Truck,

and watched the entire Live Action Toy Story from a copy from the creators before it hit YouTube.

I modeled for my favorite photography website in the world – Photojojo! (Thanks Margo!)

 And wore many many hats working for SanFranLand (donate to our Kickstarter!!!)

Of course, this is just my highlight reel.

When I was 24,

two inspirational-to-no-end bright young women in my life past away at 25.

Janet Liang

and Jessica Lum.

I dedicate this year to you both.

I promise to use my time wisely,

holding my dear ones close,

and helping those I can.

To being a quarter of a century,

and taking risks toward who I’m meant to be on this planet.

Stephanie @ Life Tastes Like Food - May 23, 2013 - 9:07 pm

This post is so amazing Rachel! Looks like 24 was a good year. My 25th birthday is coming up in a month and I’m getting nervous! haha

Also, I never met her but followed Janet’s story through my friend Bonnie, and Janet was a really inspirational person. Cheers to Janet, Jessica, and to you!

Karen - June 2, 2013 - 2:58 am

You definitely lived a fulfilling year. :)

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