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Graduation + Life After College

Originally posted in UC Davis Student Affairs Blog | I Live UCD.

Everyone by now is a week into Fall Quarter, adjusting from summer break, and getting into the groove. Likewise, I am more settled living at home, working my first post-grad job (!!!) and back into blogging.

So, what have I been up to since I last posted…

Well, I graduated! After I picked up my cap and gown, my friend Todd and I did a photo shoot around campus to commemorate the occasion. Here’s a select few:

Graduation day itself was pretty amazing. My friends and I scored front row seats! It was funny because the back row had filled up for the middle column and we were very hesitant on what to do and the ushers kept motioning us forward until we were like,”Ohhh!”

Melanie, Me & Jessie (Thanks Martin Wong for the photo!)

How my cap was decorated:)To infinity & beyond!

Graduation was just how I expected it to be – unmemorable speeches, a long long list of names and yet one of the happiest surreal moments of my life. I contemplated recording myself receiving my “diploma” but I am glad I decided to just live it with my fullest attention. I swear, I think I walked ahead before my name was even announced because of the adreneline running through me. It was almost an out of body experience with slow motion smiles and nodding, looking to the crowd, and BAM – over in an instant!

Here’s a little video from the day:

I am grateful to have experienced the whole thing with my lovely roomie Melanie & to have had quite a few friends in my half of the L&S commencement ceremony – more people to cheer for. Also, loved that my family had a great view of us from right behind the stage and lots of friends came to greet me afterwards with flowers and hugs. When all the photo taking was done, my family and I headed over to Fenton’s in Vacaville to celebrate with their biggest sundae – The Banana Special.

That’s it folks! My summer was spent enjoying my last days in Davis, moving my stuff back home, venturing off to New York for three weeks, working in Detroit for AAJA Voices on scholarship with a wonderful bunch of people, then flying back home on a Sunday mid-August only to land a job the Friday afterwards.

I feel pretty lucky to have found a job that I love right out of college. But I also know that I put in the work to really discover who I am and what I want out of a career and UC Davis definitely helped me do that. Interning at UComm, starting this blog, joining AggieTV, minoring in writing – all of these things helped me explore my interests and at the same time build a portfolio for a job I never knew I would want when I first started college. That’s my biggest advice – get to know yourself through trial and error. College is a buffet, try a little bit of everything and go back for the stuff your gut loved. Trust your gut instinct! 😉 (oh ho ho!)

If you ever want to talk anything UCD related, career advice, which restaurants you must try, feel free to contact me any time. I love receiving messages and love talking about Davis. Email me at rcagana @ ucdavis dot edu. Tweet me @RachelAgana. And to follow my life after college http://blog.rachelagana.com/ (It will soon be filled with my summer adventures)

Go Aggies!

Karen Trinh - October 1, 2011 - 1:07 am

I absolutely love the pics with the chalk drawings on the wall! Where do you work now? You ARE definitely really lucky to have landed a job so soon. Seems like it’s something you love too. Congrats to you! :)

Rachel - October 1, 2011 - 1:16 am

Thank youuu! I took the chalk photos at the Death Star 😀 I’m doing social media marketing for this green lighting company in Emeryville called Elemental LED. So I am the person behind their FB https://www.facebook.com/elementalled and Twitter etc. I will be starting to blog, produce videos and write press releases too :) I love it! We do lots of community outreach which is fun, and install lights in cool places like the Chabot Space & Science Center. I even got to visit Google for a YouTube summit! I’m having a good time and learning lots too.

Vincent V-Train Trinh - October 1, 2011 - 2:49 pm

Yay you finished your blog! I love the videos and the pictures. I’m glad that we’ve met, you’re an inspiration to me :)

I also love your white t-shirt with all them cameras. Very savvy!

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