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Life After College Book Launch Party

Last night, I attented the book launch party for Life After College by the amazing Jenny Blake. I stumbled upon her blog back in December and it was love at first scroll. Googler, life coach, and lover of yoga & cupcakes! I was overwhelmed with inspiration from all her sage advice. At the time, a fellow life coach Tia Sparkles had interviewed Jenny and was conducting a LAC book giveaway. A name was chosen at random out of all the commenters and I won! As fate would have it, I received my advanced copy a couple weeks ago during my last finals week ever. I was estatic when I found out Jenny was having a book signing while I was in the bay area. I could not miss an opportunity to meet the person who has been virtually ushering me into this new chapter of my life.


She shared the 10 life lessons she learned while creating the book including apreciating the beauty in imperfection, being open to serendipity, and enjoying the stops along the way in addition to the final destination. Her humor and insight enables her to be such an engaging speaker with colorful personal anecdotes. The moment she decided she was serious about writing a book was the combination of having “The Jealousies” and conceiving the format of the book. One piece of advice that stuck out was about the importance of sprints and recovery. You don’t have to be go, go, go all the time like in a marathon but can have spurts of productivity and then rest.



Since the book launch was at Books Inc. in Mountain View near Jenny’s hometown, all her friends and family were in attendance. It was wonderful to meet her core support system and hear stories of how Jenny was like growing up. In middle school, she would assign her friends writing exercises – love it! After the signing, we mosied on over to Zen Lounge for food, drinks and of course cupcakes!

I baked a batch of devil’s food and funfetti with M&M’s to match her book. I was thrilled she included Best of Bootie 2010 on her playlist. I actually chose to attend the book launch party instead of going to Bootie with my friends so it was fun to learn she loves their mashups as much as I do.


Jenny and her Library of Congress number framed by one of her childhood friends.

Me with Jenny and Gopi Kallayil – my role models! It was such a pleasure bumping into Gopi and his god daughter again. I met him last month at TEDxBerkeley where he spoke on Connecting the Internet to the Inner-net, advice on how to balance life with technology.


Gopi and me at TEDxBerkeley. After I left the conference, I realized that I had seen Gopi before -interviewing Jenny for his Change Makers show:

All in all, what a serendipitous,interconnected and fun night. Jenny’s book is selling for under $10 right now on Amazon & would make a great gift for yourself or any graduate you know.





Free Pancakes

Originally posted in UC Davis Student Affairs Blog | I Live UCD.

Yesterday marked the first day of finals and of course my hardest one was scheduled bright and early for 8AM. Thanks to Campus Unions and Campus Recreation I was able to celebrate right after with some delicious free pancakes. I thought about going at 7AM but I’m the type who likes to study up until the last second.

The lovely servers.

Hit the spot. The school has been taking good care of us this week. Campus Unions in partnership with the Student Academic Success Center, Health Education and Promotion, Student Recruitment and Retention Center, ASUCD Coffee House, University Dining Services and the UC Davis University Library are providing 24 Hour study space and support programs through Friday in the MU. My friends appreciated the free coffee they were giving Monday night. Well, I best be off to study for one last final. Best wishes to you all and have a fun and relaxing spring break!