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Piglet and Sow Lab

Originally posted in UC Davis Student Affairs Blog | I Live UCD.

For the past couple of weeks, my Developmental Psychobiology class visited the Hog Barn for lab. It was nice getting out of the computer lab and travel to the outskirts of campus.

We covered our shoes to protect the pigs from our germs.

Professor Schank explained how to identify each individual pig.

Their ears have a combination of notches that sum up to a unique number. Their left ear represents which litter they belong to and their right ear represents which individual pig they are.

It was not the most pleasant smell but the piglets’ cuteness made up for it.

Each of us picked a piglet or sow to observe their activity levels. After all our data is complied, we will analyze the information to create a poster presentation in our lab groups – science fair style.

My piglet who I named “Spots” is in the back right.

Davis Eats: Raja’s

Originally posted in UC Davis Student Affairs Blog | I Live UCD.

Yesterday, I met up with friends at Raja’s for their lunch buffet.

My friends Sam and Claire love this place and it was Nicole‘s and my first time. Boy, was it a treat! We couldn’t believe it’s took us this long to eat here especially since it’s just off campus. Right as I entered, Taranbir, the owner greeted me as I spotted my party and welcomed me to grab a plate and get my feast on.

Everything smelled so good and my mouth was watering as I filled my plate.

The berry colored sheers dressing the window made the place feel very homey. I felt like I was treated like family, Taranbir always checking if we had enough naan and bringing us delicious chai tea. Eating with real dining ware was a nice change compared to eating at the CoHo every day. The Bollywood films playing were also very amusing to watch.

Me and Sam. UComm buddies fo lyfe.

My first plate. Mmm. I really liked the fried potato slices.

Claire & Nicole with Taranbir.

Great company & food – what more could I ask for? What’s your favorite thing to eat at Raja’s?

Davis Eats: Cloud Forest Cafe

Originally posted in UC Davis Student Affairs Blog | I Live UCD.

Yesterday, I met up with my friend Jennifer who you may know as the foodie writing  for The Aggie last quarter. We actually met in a journalism class with Gary Goodman, where we both discovered the joys of writing and decided to minor in it. I chose Cloud Forest Cafe for lunch because my friend Saher and roommate Melanie both recommended the cafe’s panini’s to me. I love any opportunity to use a coupon from my Campus Special booklet. It’s located in downtown on 222 D St. between 2nd and 3rd.

Nice outdoor area to eat and observe the passersby.

I ordered The Cloud Forest Panini, #1 on the menu.

I’m not much of a coffee person so I love they offer fresh juice and smoothies. I heard their orange juice is the best so I’ll probably get the Davis Sunshine next time.

Also, I love Italian sodas! But only with half and half. The first time I ever had an Italian soda it came with half and half and every time afterwards I’d be very confused when it didn’t. You must try it if you haven’t.

The space is very open and looks like a prime study spot.

I always appreciate when places showcase local artists work – especially photography.

They have free wi-fi but I wonder how they regulate the 2 hour limit. I imagine they let it slide if there are empty tables. This would be the only reason I would not come to study.

They roast their own beans which you can purchase.

There’s also pastries to go with your coffee from Village Bakery.

Jennifer ordered The Villager with potato salad.

The sandwich was so delicious I lost my concentration listening to Jennifer and had to pause our conversation just to focus on eating. I swear avocado makes the world go round. Avocado and garlic pesto. Not to mention focaccia bread is my favorite. That and ciabatta bread which both are the only options for sandwiches. Focaccia bread absorbs the spreads much better which makes each bite flavorful. Definitely going back again! Have you been here? What’s your favorite thing to order?

Special Ordering from the UC Davis Bookstore

Originally posted in UC Davis Student Affairs Blog | I Live UCD.

A few weeks ago, I fell in love with a pen. An Avery eGel Retractable pen to be exact. I have no idea how I became in possession of it but I am ever so grateful. Note taking in class and for homework became enjoyable because the pen writes so smoothly, does not bleed at all and the ink’s color is so rich. Now, I’ve never been one to be excited about buying writing utensils except the time in middle school when I HAD to have Paper Mate erasable pens. My family keeps a bag of free pens we’ve accumulated over the years and that has been my school supply source. It’s only natural that in my last year as a college student I become OBSESSED with a pen. I first checked out Target when I was doing other shopping errands and ended up buying a pack of gel pens from another brand that seemed comparable. Boy was that a disappointment – the pen bled so much my test paper looked like it was about to suffer from an oil spill. Then I checked out Office Max and to my surprise they did not have it either. They said I could have an order sent to the store but it was only sold in dozens. I loved the pen but did not want to make that kind of commitment yet. I searched online but did not want to fork over money for shipping. To my delight, a girl in my class last week asked what kind of pen I was using. I gladly let her try it out and right after she said that she would be down to split an online bulk order. Right after class I wanted to check one more place before resorting to buying online – the campus bookstore.

I looked and tried out their other gel pens but was not satisfied. I noticed there were lots of other pens dispersed throughout the store so I decided to go to the customer service desk to have them do a search. The girl who helped me said they did not have any in store and that Avery is more of a paper company. (That’s why the pens so hard to find!) She was very empathetic and nice and introduced me the bookstore’s catalog.

The Bookstore can special order all sorts of things – even medical supplies for the MedCenter.

I found it amusing there was a Breakroom section.

She found my pen! They also have it available in blue.

So I decided to order 5 more black pens and 2 blue pens to try. What’s awesome about special ordering at the bookstore  is you don’t have to pay for shipping. Special orders take around 2-3 business days to arrive.

They called me yesterday to say my order was in and I picked them up today after class. I was super happy because my original pen ran out of ink on Sunday – such perfect timing!

The blue is beautiful and I thought I’d doodle on my order form for you to take a look. I feel a little silly sharing this with you all but it’s the little things in life – right? Definitely check out the store catalog if you don’t find what you’re looking for in the bookstore. Do you have any favorite school supplies? Any purchases from our bookstore that you absolutely love? Let me know in the comments – I would love to try out other writing tools.