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Finding Housing

Originally posted in UC Davis Student Affairs Blog | I Live UCD.

We are now concluding Week 3 of Winter Quarter. Though it’s only January – now is the time to be thinking about your housing situation for next school year. Whether you are moving out of the dorms or deciding to live with new friends,this guide should help jump start your search.

Questions for deciding who to live with:

  • How many people do I want to live with?
  • Are they clean?
  • Are they dating or in a relationship? Are you?
  • What is your comfort level with having guests stay overnight?
  • Do you want a friend or just someone to share a living space with?
  • Do they like to play loud music?
  • Do they want a TV with cable?
  • Will you keep everything in the fridge separate? Share and split grocery bills? Toiletries?
  • How often would you be OK with throwing parties? Or having people over in general?
  • Drugs?
  • Pets?

Questions for picking a place to live:

  • What is my rent budget?
  • What type of lease is it? (Majority are 1 year leases)
  • Do I want to share a room or have my own? Bathroom?
  • House? Apartment? Townhouse? Co-op?
  • How close is it to campus? To restaurants? To grocery stores?
  • Which bus lines come by? How often?
  • Will I or my roommate have a car?
  • Is there parking spaces? Is there a fee?
  • Laundry? Internet? Other amenities?

Learning from my friend’s living situations I discovered my preferences. I knew that I wanted my own room. I like staying up late and talking on the phone in bed until I fall asleep and wouldn’t want to bother anyone. I like my space. I wanted to live with just one other person. My friends who lived in threes or more would have issues especially with food and cleaning. There would always be some confusion of who’s dirty dishes were laying about or who’s turn it was to take out the trash or who finished the last of their orange juice. Living with just one other person makes things simpler. I wanted a two bedroom 1 bath apartment like my friends Sharon and Kristen had. I knew their total rent was about $1300/month. I found one for under $1000!  Very spacious. It’s also right by downtown, a 15 min walk to campus, 10 min bike ride and bus lines to the MU and Silo.

I actually met my roommate Melanie through Craigslist because the girl I originally signed my lease with got into Cal and decided to go there instead. It worked out perfectly. We both have the same interests and aesthetics and the same expectations in a living situation. Furnishing and decorating the apartment was fun. We share internet with our neighbors. We decided against a TV since we watch all our favorite shows online anyways and at our own convenience. We keep food separate but also cook and share with each other. This year I don’t see her as much now that she has a boyfriend but we still make time to hang out during the week.

After you figure out exactly what you want you can start comparing your top choices with each other. Set up appointments to visit in person. I remember freshman year around this time, I only went on the Tandemonium tour and let my friends take the lead in deciding housing. It’s really important to ask yourself these questions before signing a lease.

The site where I found my apartment and also found the most useful was the ASUCD Community Housing Listing. Popular options are Craigslist, UloopMarketplace and of course UC Davis Student Housing. I would DavisWiki apartments for reviews.

Did you see the new sustainable student housing they’re building for next fall? Ramble Apartments:

[vodpod id=Video.5392298&w=500&h=425&fv=]

Looks pretty cool. I’m sure with the price to match as well. Anyways, good luck on your search! If you have any advice to add on about picking places to live and people to live with – sound off in the comments!

My Wednesday

Originally posted in UC Davis Student Affairs Blog | I Live UCD.

Looking up bus times on NextBus for real-time tracking. Love their text update feature too. Just have to send “nbus unitrans <insert bus stop #>” to 41411.

Like a pack of sardines. The heater in the bus was on blast which made wearing both my sweater and coat a bit unbearable. Still thankful to not have to bike.

Discussing Tacita’s position paper on “My Life as a Book” by Anne Waldman during Writing Across Media.

Developmental Psychobiology Lab. Super crowded. I’m still on wait-list. Probably not going to get it:(

Mouse breeding simulation. (Quarter too short to actually breed mice).

Tumblr demo for Dr. Andy, Briony & Brittany to consider for their various projects. Invited to speak on a future panel for faculty! Too much fun & forgot to take a photo.

Chilling in the AggieTV studio before my next class.

Reviewing my planner & eating quiche @ the CoHo.

Genes and Genes Expression lecture mostly on probability theory. Gotta love those Punnett Squares.

FOUND OUT I GOT IN MY BACK UP PSYCH CLASS (via email)! It fulfills the same requirement as the other class I was originally enrolled in. So yay! I’m graduating as planned! My professor worked really hard with the department to request more computers in our lab so more people could add.

AggieTV Exec Board meeting. Video scavenger hunt discussed for bonding time! I love scavenger hunts:)Raffled who will cover Snoop Dogg coming in a month. Thank  you Random.org and a found penny.

Caught up with my friend Andrew who was in town. It was both our first time at Thai Canteen. Will do a proper restaurant review after more visits.

Now off to do homework due for discussion tomorrow!

Winter Quarter

Originally posted in UC Davis Student Affairs Blog | I Live UCD.

Hi all – hope you all had a wonderful, fun and relaxing winter break. I know this week has been a whirlwind for us all. It’s rough transitioning from vacation back to school again. A few of my friends did study abroad last quarter and they all are in a bit of a culture shock. I thought with this being my last quarter here everything would be smooth sailing. I signed up for all the classes that I wanted with an early past time and set up an automatic payment for my last tuition and thought I was good to go. I guess being caught up with all the holidays I did not make sure that my online payment went through. I was pretty much anti computer (surprise!) over break. That mistake caused all my classes being dropped and having to re-enroll to the bottom of the wait-lists. It totally sucks. There’s nothing that the registrar can do and professors can’t make any promises on giving me a PTA number regardless of my situation. Fortunately I now have 2 out of 3 of the classes I was originally enrolled in. (Well 2 out of 4 – I am willing to sacrifice my tai chi class.) Now I’m just waiting out to see which Psychology class I can enroll in. The problem is they both have labs. All of the students are able to fit in the lecture part of the course but in lab it gets a bit crowded and usually one section is more popular than the other. In hindsight I wonder why I did not receive an email on the last day to pay for tuition. One final reminder. I received a few reminder emails since around Thanksgiving – why is there no email sent on the deadline day? I do take full responsibility for not double checking. I definitely regret not just paying it right there and then well in advance of the deadline.

Anyways, enough with the negative and on to the positive. I am for sure getting into TCS 191 Writing Across Media with Dr. Andy Jones. It’s a class I’ve been looking forward to taking ever since last year when a couple AggieTV friends told me about it. Here is the course description:

TCS 191 introduces students to experimental approaches to writing for different media and artistic practices, including photography, art installations, radio, film and film criticism, and live staged and multimedia performances. Participants in the class will explore how written texts relate to the images, sounds, and performances in digital and media production. Participants will complete a significant number of in-class and out-of-class writing assignments, both individually and as parts of groups. Our common themes, creativity and discovery, will inform all your reading and writing assignments, and prepare you to engage, challenge and impress readers, viewers, and listeners.

It’s going to be a fun and challenging class. I’m already brainstorming what I could do for our class projects. I’m looking forward to the radio script assignment because I have not played around with just audio in a while. I hope to find someone in class to collaborate on story boarding a favorite movie scene. Of course, Pixar comes to mind but I feel I want to steer away from movies that I have access to original story boards. One of the bonus assignments I signed up for is to create an Image Collection to have a visual companion for class. Dr. Andy suggested using Tumblr to host photos and so I went ahead and included quotes, links and videos in addition to photos. Check it out at http://tcs191.tumblr.com/. You can also read more about our class at http://www.andysclasses.com/tcs-191/. I believe someone is going to make a blog of class notes so when I find that out I can post it too.

Another positive for this quarter is that I learned I have friends in each of my classes! I know it’s great to make new friends but it’s awesome to have people you already know in class since everyone is so busy all the time and it makes it harder to find time to hang out. So that is comforting.

The last thing I’m psyched about is being on the Lip Dub committee for AggieTV. If you haven’t heard, see our Facebook event! We’ll be filming a promo on Sunday which will be fun. We’ll soon begin club and organization outreach to get everyone on campus involved. The song choice that naturally won the vote is Queen – Bicycle.

And for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about – here’s an example of a lip dub:

Hope you’re transitioning back to school as smoothly as possible! Sound off in the comments if you’re having wait list issues too.