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Governor’s Global Climate Summit 3

Originally posted in UC Davis Student Affairs Blog | I Live UCD.

Hub Culture invited AggieTV to help film and edit interviews for the third Governor’s Global Climate Summit. The two day conference was co-hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger and other world leaders and opened up discussion about moving toward a green economy. Attendees shared their ideas and were encouraged to collaborate together to inform national and international climate negotiations. I missed out on Harrison Ford and Deepak Chopra who attended the first day but had a great time on the second anyways.

Alyson entering the tents from the green carpet.

Our set for the interviews.

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It’s that time again: Class Registration

Originally posted in UC Davis Student Affairs Blog | I Live UCD.

In the midst of the second round of midterms, it’s that time again. If you didn’t know already the class schedule for Winter 2011 is now available and pass times are up on MyUCDavis and SISWEB.

Tips on choosing your schedule:

Stay on track: Make sure you are meeting your college department’s AND your major requirements. This is easiest to sort out with your advisors but if in a time crunch they can be looked up on their respective sites. If you are thinking of changing majors try and file the forms as soon as you’ve decided because you won’t be able to sign up for upper division classes until Pass 2.

Ask around: Look to peers to gauge which professor would be the best fit for you. Visit your major’s peer advisors. Send a blast on Facebook. Check out Rate My Professors. Just take everything you hear with a grain of salt because everyone learns differently. What may be someone’s hardest teacher could be your most inspiring and challenging one.

Final check: Double check you won’t be overloading yourself during finals. Sometimes you may have the perfect schedule but at the very end need to take three finals in one day. It can be done but just be cautious. There are also ways to to petition to take one of those finals on another date but it is best to avoid that process if you can. Pay attention to the Exam Code for your classes and compare them on page 29 of the guide.

Balance is key: Know your limits. For some 22 units is the norm. For others the minimum 13 units is enough when factoring in extra curricular activities and work. Be realistic when choosing that 8AM class if your earliest class usually starts in the afternoon – it is winter quarter after all.

Check Availability: Pay attention to courses only offered certain quarters. One of my classes I’m taking is only offered winter quarter so I made sure all my other classes could fit around that one.

Explore: Take advantage of Freshman Seminars and learn about the history of Japanese garden design, rocket science, and zombies – oh my! Enrolling in any of the introductory <insert major> 10 courses may lead to deciding to minor or even double major in another subject.

Sign up for a PE class. We all mean to go to the ARC more so what better way to work on your fitness than to commit to a class that’s already included in your tuition? You can finally learn how to bowl correctly, rock climb or self defend.

Plan B: Make sure to have back up classes to choose from. The Open Course List is your friend. You may have to wait for Pass 2 to sign up. If you are debating between two classes you’re interested in try and sign up for both – you can also drop one after you attend the first day.

I really like to have all my CRN’s entered in the boxes on SISWEB a minute before my pass time so I can just press the submit button on the dot. Don’t do this too early or SISWEB will have you log in again. Happy scheduling and please share any tips you may have!