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Before the rain starts again

Originally posted in UC Davis Student Affairs Blog | I Live UCD.

I wanted to get the shots of the blossoms and sign of the dark side before the rain comes back tomorrow. Mmm the blossoms reminds me that this may be the year I finally go to the festival. As I was waiting for another student to finish talking to our professor at office hours across the hall in Voorhies I happened upon this display of rubber duckies. I wonder what the story is behind them. There were policeman ducks, angels and devils. Curious. I was very pleased after going to office hours. Better late than never! Always have to remind myself professors are there to help me, that’s what they’re paid for! Take the time to enjoy your surroundings <3

Live Creatively

Today was mostly spent finally organizing the profile I am writing on the lovely Nicole Docimo of Blue Bicicletta. I found a flyer of hers while on a bulletin board while waiting to get into my Emotions class in Young and to my delight has welcomed me into her creative world. I feel after our first interview enjoying hot chocolate outside Mishka’s Cafe, she helped me gather the guts to finally publish my first post on this blog. So thank you, Nicole.

I feel like my process of writing is like being a sculptor. Especially when it begins with recording interviews. Then it’s transcribing the interview and then asking myself what is the theme, what are the turning points, what do you want the reader to get out of it? Slowly chiseling, bit by bit.  Getting the focus just right. I want to wait until I have the final draft before I share with you what I’ve learned by this inspiring artist. Here are a few photos from when we stopped by Nina & Tom where her work is sold!

Don’t forget to check out her Etsy, Facebook & Twitter !

Search for Nirvana

Today I mostly was free writing for my feature article I am proposing for my journalism class about a tour of places in the Bay Area referenced in Pixar films. I started a photo project back in September with the idea of photographing my Toy Story aliens I bought off ebay at in the fashion of the traveling gnome in Amelie. I am calling it Search for Nirvana after the dialogue from the first movie as the toys are about to enter Sid’s house:

Buzz: Sheriff, I can see your indwelling from here. You’re almost home.

Aliens: Nirvana is coming, the mystic portal awaits!

The first stop was the Hidden City Cafe in Point Richmond. It has been featured in Monster’s Inc. as Mike & Sulley are on their walk to work and a trailer for Wall-E showcasing it as the spot where they came up with all the ideas for these wonderful movies.

The owner Shellie Bourgault was excited about my photo project and even offered to pay for a print to hang up in the cafe! I ashamedly still need to return but it shall be done! As this is the year of production.

I enjoyed the grilled chicken sandwich with dijon mustard, sauteed mushrooms and onions with watercress.

Shellie gave us complimentary whiskey cake – a Pixar/John Lasseter favorite and it was divine:)

She told us every so often they get calls if there is any whiskey cake available and a Pixarian comes to pick up an order of 40 for a meeting. Something so simple yet heavenly. Moist and fluffy and just the right amount of sweetness. Can’t wait to go back with my prints and see it displayed along with Lasseter’s signed wine bottle and Ellie Docter’s (Yes, as in the voice of young Ellie in Up & the directors daughter!) crayon drawings in the back.

Shout out to my lovely bf who has accompanied me to all my Search for Nivana photoshoots. More to come – Merritt Bakery look out!

If you are interested in your own print, feel free to send me an email! explorlogy {at} gmail {dot} com

White Crane Spreads Its Wings

Originally posted in UC Davis Student Affairs Blog | I Live UCD.

Today I’ve been focusing on a Soundslides project for my internship at University Communications here at UC Davis. UComm is located at Mrak where most students go for registration, ID cards and picking up diplomas. They’re in charge of the main website, UC Davis Magazine, the faculty newspaper Dateline and much more!

Back last May as I was psyching myself up about returning back to Davis 3 years after spending freshman year here. Perusing the school’s site I happened up Behind the Lens, Karin Higgins blog showcasing life as the principal photographer at UCD. I thought what an awesome job! I particularly enjoyed the Soundslides she made with a student about the farmer’s market. One of her older posts also mentioned an internship.

Interested in creating my own audio slideshows I emailed her asking about what audio recorder she used and if there would be any internship openings for the fall. To my delight Karin emailed me back in the same day listing all the equipment she used, and a bit about the process of creating a slideshow and I was welcome to contact her again in September when she would be back from maternity leave to talk about an internship.

My advice to anyone figuring out what they want to do in life – just email people you would like to work with and see if they need any help! If there isn’t a research position or internship you want find people who are doing what you want to do and ask around. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I eventually did meet up with Karin who is so warm and encouraging. She introduced me to alot of the people she works with including Susanne Rockwell our web editor who assigned me this first story about our tai chi class.

This post was going to be partly about creating a Soundslides and the instructor Janna but this begs for series of posts. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite pictures of the ones I’m sorting through right now.

Time to kick it up another notch

Originally posted in UC Davis Student Affairs Blog | I Live UCD.

I woke up this morning thinking, “It’s a brand new day, the sun is shining and I’M ALIVE!” just like my Snoopy tee said. I figured out in my sleep what to write my query letter draft on for journalism class and was in an all around loving life mood. Now I end the night with more promise for the future and a goal in mind. The second habit of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (I read the teen version growing up) is Begin with the End in Mind. I have just received a godsend. Let me back up a bit.

Tonight the lovely Pamela Wu graced AggieTV with her presence as a guest speaker to talk about her path into journalism and life as a news reporter and anchor. Starting from her transition to a Rhetoric and Communication major from Environmental Science here at UC Davis, to interning and being hired as a production assistant to finally getting air time as a reporter and eventually a news anchor: she covered it all. She gave us the truth, as any real reporter would do, from the competitiveness of submitting demo reels, long and odd hours, down to salary or lack there of. We went into the randomness of hiring reporters based on gender, ethnicity and youth. She also explained the downsizing of the business and how more reporters are turning into one-man-bands, filming, writing and editing themselves.

Erika asked about how do you prevent yourself from falling into a daily grind and remain inspired. Even if you are doing something you love, if you do it for a certain amount of time there will be days where it is like, “It’s tax day again?” “You’re going to make me go up that mountain and talk about the snow again?” When it comes down to it reporting is not about you, it’s about the viewer. The goal of a reporter is to have the viewer think even if for a brief moment, “Oh, I didn’t know that!” Going into journalism you do not do it for the money but to be storytellers. She also expressed her love of the field and being able to cover a wide variety of stories including traveling across the country. I want to tell stories.

(Note to Self: Take photos always! It would have been great to photograph the meeting but I was very engrossed in absorbing all her advice:))

When I got back home I looked over the handout she made of useful websites for young broadcast journalists and began looking at the National Press Photographer Association’s site. Can’t wait to really pour over the site for inspiration and information especially since tomorrow I’ll be putting together my first audio slideshow.

I remembered she briefly mentioned that the Sacramento Bee has paid summer internships if we were interested in print and so I googled it. Good ole google. To my delight my first click was to the pdf of the application to the Bee’s internship partnered with the Asian American Journalist Association which I remember hearing she was the President of the Sacramento chapter. This is my godsend. It is the PERFECT opportunity and exact light at the end of tunnel to motivate myself even more to do the best in everything I’m working on right now. The application requires 5-7 pieces of work and I’m currently working on 3 articles for my journalism class, 1 audio slideshow on our Tai Chi class for University Communications, photos from the tattoo story for UComm and will be filming and editing a story for AggieTV on the Emotions: Electronic Dance Party. It feels like the perfect fit. It’s also PAID and local! I’ll worry about urging my parents on getting our truck fixed so I could have a car up here after I get it.

Deadline in exactly one month:  March 19th

Internship awarded two weeks later: April 1st

Wish me luck! Ready, set, GO!

{Special thanks to Nicki Sun for organizing Pamela to come speak! Always looking out for us:)}